Dr. Adolfo Nicolas   Posadas Durand

Dr. Adolfo Nicolas Posadas Durand

Senior Scientist
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, Brazil

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Applied Physics from University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Dr. Adolfo Nicolas Posadas Durand is currently working as Senior Climate Change Scientist at United Nations Ave, Kenya. He has completed his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. His main area of interest focuses on Plant and Soil Sciences, Physical Science Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Soil Physics, Applied Ecology, Complex Systems, Climate Change, Soil Carbon Sequestration, Precision Agriculture, Remote Sensing, Mathematical Modeling and Non-Destructive Techniques Applied to Agricultural and Soils Studies. His area of expertise includes Applied Physics, Soil Physics, Environmental Physics, Image Processing, Preferential Flow, Carbon Sequestration, Biophysics, Montecarlo Simulation, Signal Processing, Ecology, Numerical Modeling, Invasion Percolation, Climate Change, Spectroscopy, Optical Sensors, Heat Transport in Soils, Complex Systems, Nonlinear Modeling, Multiphase Modeling, Statistical Physics, Agriculture, Mangnetic Resonance Image, Fractal and Multifractal, Precision Agriculture, Porosity Systems, Stochastic Modeling, Remote Sensing, and Computer Tomography, Plant Diseases, and Electro Magnetism. He has published 46 research articles in journals, 7 book chapters, and 3 thesis contributed as author/co-author.

Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Climate Change
Precision Agriculture
Soil Physics




University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Applied Physics

Selected Publications

  1. Posadas, A., L.A.D. Espinosa, C. Yarleque, M. Carbajal and H. Heidinger et al., 2015. Spatial random downscaling of rainfall signals in Andean heterogeneous terrain. Nonlinear Processes Geophys., 22: 383-402.
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  2. Ramirez, D.A., W. Yactayo, R. Gutierrez, V. Mares, F.D. Mendiburu, A. Posadas and R. Quiroz, 2014. Chlorophyll concentration in leaves is an indicator of potato tuber yield in water-shortage conditions. Sci. Hortic., 168: 202-209.
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  3. Wendy, Y., A.R. David, G. Raymundo, M. Victor, P. Adolfo and Q. Roberto, 2013. Effect of partial root-zone drying irrigation timing on potato tuber yield and water use efficiency. Agric. Water Manage., 123: 65-70.
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  4. Segnin, A., A.A. de Souza, E.H. Novotny, D. Marcondes, B.P. Milori and W.T.L. da Silva et al., 2013. Characterization of Peatland soils from the high Andes through 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J., 77: 673-679.
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  5. Xie, K., X.X. Wang, R. Zhang, X. Gong and S. Zhang et al., 2012. Partial root-zone drying irrigation and water utilization efficiency by the potato crop in semi-arid regions in China. Sci. Hortic., 134: 20-25.
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  6. Heidinger, H., C. Yarleque, A. Posadas and R. Quiroz, 2012. TRMM rainfall correction over the Andean Plateau using wavelet multi-resolution analysis. Int. J. Remote Sens., 33: 4583-4602.
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  7. Chavez, P., C. Yarleque, H. Loayza, V. Mares and P. Hancco et al., 2012. Detection of bacterial wilt infection caused by Ralstonia solanacearum in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) through multifractal analysis applied to remotely sensed data. Precis. Agric., 13: 236-255.
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  8. Carvalho, L.M.V., C. Jones, A.N.D. Posadas, R. Quiroz, B. Bookhagen and B. Liebmann, 2012. Precipitation characteristics of the south american monsoon system derived from multiple datasets. J. Clim., 25: 4600-4620.
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  9. Segnini, A., A. Posadas, R. Quiroz, D.M.B.P. Milori, C.M.P. Vaz and L. Martin-Neto, 2011. Soil carbon stocks and stability across an altitudinal gradient in southern Peru. J. Soil Water Conserv., 66: 213-220.
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  10. Quiroz, R., C. Yarleque, A. Posadas, V. Mares and W.W. Immerzeel, 2011. Improving daily rainfall estimation from NDVI using a wavelet transform. Environ. Modell. Software, 26: 201-209.
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  11. Milori, D.M.B.P., A. Segnini, W.T.L. Da Silva, A. Posadas, V. Mares, R. Quiroz and L. Martin-Neto, 2011. Emerging Techniques for Soil Carbon Measurements. Section IV: GHG Measurement and Accounting. In: Climate Change Mitigation and Agriculture. Wollenberg, E., A. Nihart, M.L. Tapio-Bistrom and M. Grieg-Gran (Eds.)., Earthscan, London.

  12. Chavez, P., C. Yarleque, O. Piro, A. Posadas and V. Mares et al., 2010. Applying multifractal analysis to remotely sensed data for assessing PYVV infection in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) crops. Remote Sens., 2: 1197-1216.
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  13. Carrasco, M.C., C. Yarleque, A. Posadas, E. Silvestre, A. Mejia and R. Quiroz, 2010. Daily rainfall data-gap filling using a Wavelet Transformed-based methodology. Rev. Peruana Geo-Atmosferica, 2: 76-88.
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  14. Segnini, A., A. Posadas, R. Quiroz, D.M.B.P. Milori, S.G. Saab, L.M. Neto and C.M.P. Vaz, 2009. Spectroscopic assessment of soil organic matter in wetlands from the high Andes. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J., 74: 2246-2253.
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  15. Posadas, A., R. Quiroz, A. Tannus, S. Crestana and C.M. Vaz, 2009. Characterizing water fingering phenomena in soils using magnetic resonance imaging and multifractal theory. Nonlinear Processes Geophys., 16: 159-168.
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  16. Rosales, F., A. Posadas and R. Quiroz, 2008. Multifractal characterization of spatial income curdling: theory and applications. Adv. Complex Syst., 11: 861-874.
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  17. Posadas, A.N.D., R. Quiroz, P.E. Zorogastua and C. Leon‐Velarde, 2005. Multifractal characterization of the spatial distribution of ulexite in a Bolivian salt flat. Int. J. Remote Sens., 26: 615-627.
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  19. Canas, C.R., R.A. Quiroz, C. Leon-Velarde, A. Posadas and J. Osorio, 2003. Quantifying energy dissipation by grazing animals in harsh environments. J. Theor. Biol., 225: 351-359.
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  20. Gimenez, D., J.L. Karmon, A. Posadas and R.K. Shaw, 2002. Fractal dimensions of mass estimated from intact and eroded soil aggregates. Soil Tillage Res., 64: 165-172.
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  21. Posadas, D.A.N., D. Gimenez, M. Bittelli, C.M.P. Vaz and M. Flury, 2001. Multifractal characterization of soil particle-size distributions. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J., 65: 1361-1367.
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  22. Crestana, S. and D.A.N. Posadas, 1998. 2-D and 3-D Fingering Phenomenon in Unsaturated Soils Investigated by Fractal Analysis, Invasion Percolation Modeling and Non-Destructive Image Processing. In: Fractals in Soils Science, Baveye, Parlange and Stewart (Eds.)., CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, pp: 293-332.

  23. Posadas, D.A.N., A. Tannus, H. Panepucci and S. Crestana, 1996. Magnetic resonance imaging as a non-invasive technique for investigating 3-D preferential flow occurring within stratified soil samples. Comput. Electron. Agric., 14: 255-267.
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