Hi, I am Coskun Firat, My LiveDNA is 90.11951
Dr. Coskun Firat
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Energy from Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey
Institute: Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Area of Interest: Physical Science Engineering
  •   Solar Thermal Systems
  •   Statistical and Quantum Thermodynamics
  •   Artificial Neural Network
  •   Decision Making Analysis
URL: http://livedna.org/90.11951
My SELECTED Publications
1:   Firat, C. and A. Beyene, 2012. Comparison of direct and indirect PV power output using filters, lens and fiber transport. Energy, 41: 271-277.
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2:   Firat, C. and A. Sisman, 2009. Universality of the quantum boundary layer for a Maxwellian gas. Physica Scripta, Vol. 79. .
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3:   Firat, C. and A. Sisman, 2013. Quantum forces of a gas confined in nano structures. Physica Scripta, Vol. 87. .
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4:   Firat, C., 2016. Thermodynamic properties of a photon gas confined in hypothetical arbitrary-shaped perfectly reflecting nano-scale geometries. Moscow Univ. Phys. Bull., 71: 70-74.
5:   Firat, C., A. Sisman and F. Ozturk, 2011. Effects of particle-wall interactions on the thermodynamic behavior of gases at the nano scale. Int. J. Thermodyn., 14: 155-161.
6:   Firat, C., A. Sisman and Z.F. Ozturk, 2010. Thermodynamics of gases in nano cavities. Energy, 35: 814-819.
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7:   Kandemir, G., M. Geckinli, C. Firat, M. Yilmaz and B. Ozugur, 2002. Cosmic ray intensity variation during a CME. Planet. Space Sci., 50: 633-636.
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8:   Maraj, A., A. Londo, C. Firat and R. Karapici, 2014. Solar radiation models for the city of Tirana, Albania. Int. J. Renewable Energy Res., 4: 413-420.
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9:   Maraj, A., A. Londo, C. Firat, A. Dorri and M. Alcani, 2014. Energy investigation of the flate plate solar collector during its daily operation in clear days of summer and winter. J. Nat. Tech. Sci., 19: 121-133.
10:   Ozturk, Z.F., A. Sisman and C. Firat, 2011. Quantum effects on gas diffusion at the nano scale. Int. J. Thermodyn., 14: 163-166.
11:   Sisman, A., Z.F. Ozturk and C. Firat, 2007. Quantum boundary layer: A non-uniform density distribution of an ideal gas in thermodynamic equilibrium. Phys. Lett. A, 362: 16-20.
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