Hi, I am Faiq M. Sarhan Al-Zwainy, My LiveDNA is 964.14261
Dr. Faiq M. Sarhan Al-Zwainy
Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Project Management from Baghdad University, Iraq
Institute: Al Nahrain University, Iraq
Area of Interest: Physical Science Engineering
  •   Civil Engineering
  •   Neural Network
  •   Artificial Intelligence
  •   Operation Research
URL: http://livedna.org/964.14261
My SELECTED Publications
1:   AL-Zwainy, F.M.S. and F.K. Jaber, 2014. Quality Control of Concrete Board Piles in Overpasses Projects in Iraq. AL-Taqani, 27: 29-54.
2:   AL-Zwainy, F.M.S., 2014. Development of the Mathematical Model for Predicating the Construction Productivity in IRAQ Using the Artificial Neural Perceptron Network. J. Eng. Dev., 18: 1-21.
3:   Al-Zwainy, F.M.S. and N.T. Hadal, 2016. Application Artificial Forecasting Techniques in Cost Management (review). J. Eng., 22: 1-15.
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4:   Al-Zwainy, F.M.S. and N.T. Hadhal, 2016. Building a Mathematical Model for Predicting the Cost of the Communication Towers Projects Using Multifactor Linear Regression Technique. Int. J. Constr. Eng. Manage., 5: 25-29.
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5:   Al-Zwainy, F.M.S., H.A. Rasheed and H.F. Ibraheem, 2012. Development of the construction productivity estimation model using artificial neural network for finishing works for floors with marble. ARPN J. Eng. Appl. Sci., 7: 714-722.
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6:   Al-Zwainy, F.M.S., I.A. Mohammed and S.H. Raheem, 2016. Application Project Management Methodology in Construction Sector: Review. Int. J. Sci. Eng. Res., 7: 244-253.
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7:   Al-Zwainy, F.M.S., I.A. Mohammed and S.H. Raheem, 2016. Investigation and assessment of the Project Management Methodology in Iraqi Construction Sector. Int. J. Appl. Eng. Res., 11: 2494-2507.
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8:   Al-Zwainy, F.M.S., M.H. Abdulmajeed and H.S.M. Aljumaily, 2013. Using multivariable linear regression technique for modeling productivity construction in Iraq. Open J. Civil Eng., 3: 127-135.
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9:   Al-Zwainy, F.M.S., M.S.K. Al-Marsomi, 2016. Investigation and Evaluation the Performance of the Construction Residential Complexes Projects. Int. J. Appl. Eng. Res., 11: 8863-8877.
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10:   Alzwainy, F.M.S., 2012. The Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Productivity Estimation of finish Works for Building Projects. J. Eng. Dev., 16: 42-60.
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11:   Alzwainy, F.M.S., A.R.H. Suhaily and Z.M. Saco, 2015. Project Management and Artificial Neural Networks: Fundamental and Application. Lambert Academic, Germany, Pages: 288..
12:   Alzwainy, F.M.S., H.K. Risan and R.I.K. Zaki, 2016. Meta-Analysis of Fiber Impact on Mechanical Properties of Ultra-High Performance Concrete. Ciencia Tecnica Vitivinicola, 31: 101-113.
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13:   Alzwainy, F.M.S., I.A. Mohammed and D.S. Mohsen, 2015. Value Management in Construction Project. LAP Lambert Academic, Germany,.
14:   Rasool, S.H. and F.M.S. Al-Zwainy, 2016. Estimating Productivity of Brickwork item using Logistic and Multiple Regression Approaches. Scholars J. Eng. Technol., 4: 234-243.
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15:   Sarhan, F.M., E.K. Rana and K.A. Shaymaa, 2013. Statistical evaluation of the affective factors on the process of preparing time schedules for iraqi construction projects. J. Eng. Dev., 17: 33-61.
16:   Sarhan, F.M., F.I. Huda and A.H. Asmaa, 2012. Modern techniques and methods in engineering education. J. Eng. Dev., 16: 1-16.
17:   Sarhan, F.M., I.A. Mohammed and D. Sameer, 2014. Evaluation The Performance of The Infrastructure Project Using Earned Value Management. Int. J. Civil. Eng., 5: 145-155.
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18:   Zwainy, A.F.M.S. and N.T. Hadhal, 2015. Investigation and evaluation of the cost estimation methods of iraqi communication projects. Int. J. Engi. Manage. Res., 5: 41-48.