Dr. Arvind  Chel
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Dr. Arvind Chel

Associate Professor
Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, India

Highest Degree
PostDoc Fellow in Thermal Energy from Ghent University, Belgium

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Dr Arvind Chel is Associate Professor (Mechanical) and Director (Research) at MGMs Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, Aurangabad (Maharashtra). He had teaching in Engineering Colleges in Maharashtra and then pursued Ph.D. from IIT Delhi in 2011. He recently completed on Jan 9, 2015 Postdoctoral from Ghent University, Belgium with research publication in Elsevier based on his advanced research in the renowned European University at Belgium. He has made the record as FIRST youngest Engineering faculty with post-doctorate qualification in the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar University, Aurangabad (Maharashtra) from Mahatma Gandhi Mission, Aurangabad. Dr.Chel acts as Editor-in-chief for the national Journal VISTA-A National Journal on Energy, Environment and Engineering. He is active member of review panel to many international Journals in the field of Renewable Energy, Green Building, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, I.C. Engine, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Solar Thermal Applications, Building Physics etc. Dr. Chel has published more than 30 International Journal Papers in reputed publishers Elsevier, Wiley etc. He received “Global Innovation Award” from IIT Kanpur, Best Paper Award from IIT Delhi International Conference SOLARIS-2007, One Patent published online at India Govt Patent Office, nominated for Best Researcher Award 2012 for the field of Renewable Energy at IIT Delhi for highest publications in his department during his Ph.D. He was actively involved as President of Energy Forum during his Ph.D. at IIT Delhi.

Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Agricultural Engineering
Plant Ecology
Plant Biodiversity
Solar Photovoltaic

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Chel, A., G.N. Tiwari and H.N. Singh, 2010. A modified model for estimation of daylight factor for skylight integrated with dome roof structure of mud-house in New Delhi (India). Applied Energy, 87: 3037-3050.
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  2. Chel, A. and G.N.Tiwari, 2010. Stand-alone photovoltaic (PV) integrated with earth to air heat exchanger (EAHE) for space heating/cooling of adobe house in New Delhi (India). Energy Conv. Manage., 51: 393-409.
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  3. Tiwari, G.N., Dimri V. and A. Chel, 2009. Parametric study of an active and passive solar distillation system: Energy and exergy analysis. Desalination, 242: 1-18.
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  4. Chel, A., G.N. Tiwari and A. Chandra, 2009. Sizing and cost estimation methodology for stand-alone residential PV power system. Int. J. Agile Syst. Manage., 4: 21-40.
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  5. Chel, A., G.N. Tiwari and A. Chandra, 2009. A model for estimation of daylight factor for skylight: An experimental validation using pyramid shape skylight over vault roof mud-house in New Delhi (India). Applied Energy, 86: 2507-2519.
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  6. Chel, A. and G.N. Tiwari, 2009. Thermal performance and embodied energy analysis of a passive house - Case study of vault roof mud-house in India. Applied Energ., 86: 1956-1969.
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  7. Chel, A. and G.N. Tiwari, 2009. Performance evaluation and life cycle cost analysis of earth to air heat exchanger integrated with adobe building for New Delhi composite climate. Energy Build., 41: 56-66.
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  8. Chel, A. G.N. Tiwari and A. Chandra, 2009. Simplified method of sizing and life cycle cost assessment of building integrated photovoltaic system. Energy Build., 41: 1172-1180.
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  9. Tiwari, G.N., V. Dimri and C. Arvind, 2008. Exergetic analysis of passive and active solar stills. Int. J. Exergy, 5: 360-373.
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  10. Chel, A., J.K. Nayak and G. Kaushik, 2008. Energy conservation in honey storage building using Trombe wall. Energy Build., 40: 1643-1650.
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  11. Tiwari, G.N., V. Dimri, U. Singh, C. Arvind and B. Sarkar, 2007. Comparative thermal performance evaluation of an active solar distillation system. Int. J. Energy Res., 31: 1465-1482.
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